Friday, July 13, 2012

Week 20, Day 4 - Blood?!

Jonny and I are driving back from California. I had driven from Richardson Grove state park to Kelso, Washington. Three states - one day! We were at the Red Lobster and I went to the washroom. When I wiped there was blood. I took a look behind me and there was a lot of fresh blood in the toilet. Or at least the water made it look that way. I started to freak out in my head and my heart. But, there was no pain. Nothing felt wrong it just looked wrong. I cleaned up and went back to the table. Jonny came and sat beside me and he calmed me down while going a bit crazy himself in his mind. Was it too much sitting? Yoging? Running? Why is this happening? We calmed down. We need to check the internet. I went back to the washroom and checked again and it had stopped. It was brown. Phew- wipe brow. When we got back to the hotel we checked the Internet a little bit but not too much as to freak ourselves out. I'm pretty sure I'm normal. Ultra sound Monday and doctors the next week - I'm sure it's all good. Just don't happen again!!

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