Thursday, October 31, 2013

First Halloween!

The boy was Batman for his first Halloween. We didn't have time to do much but we got out for a short skate before it was time to come home, bath, and put the boy to bed. He was out right away. We had planned to go to Commercial Drive to visit grandma but he was way too tired today. He was asleep by 7pm - the time that kids are getting out and doing their trick or treating. We saw some kids trick or treating around Yaletown and pondered what a weird memory that would be if that was how we grew up. Jonny and I both have such found memories of trick or treating, fireworks, hot chocolate, and hanging out with friends. I remember roman candle wars and getting shot in the eye. It just isn't like that in our area. (hahaha - maybe a good thing for my eyes!)  We will try again next year to get the boy out of Yaletown and over to Commercial to see the kids running around and enjoying the holiday. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013