Monday, October 29, 2012

New Skateboards and a Cradle

We are getting closer to setting up Christian's room. Ian has been packing and moving today, we received the skateboards in the mail, and Dad has been working in his workshop on a new cradle. 
 These are the skateboards that we got for Christian's bedroom wall. 

Here is Christian's cradle that dad has been making. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Last Twenty-Third

Yesterday was October 23rd. I got home from school to find Jonny in the kitchen completing dinner. He scooted me into the room and told me to hurry up because dinner was ready. I rushed to put my school things away and as I walked into our room I saw a note and our new favourite, beautiful flaos (flowers) Casablanca Lillies, on the bedside table waiting for me. 
I think this is the first note that I have gotten that is signed from both of us. I am sure there are more of these to come in my future but this is the first and today is the last twenty-third. The countdown has officially started.

The next morning Jonny had this song in his head:
Good morning Jonny!! 

Our appointment for Dr. Spehar was cancelled on Monday. They tried to get me to come in on Thursday but I have a field trip and have to be at school - so our next appointment is November first. Here are some other pictures that were in my phone at the time of this entry: 
gifts from my teacher friends
cleaning up the Orpheum sign
we go out for coffee and tea in the rain. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Top 10 List of Things I Look Forward to AFTER BIRTH

  1. Seeing my baby being cuddled by his Daddy
  2. Seeing and cuddling my baby instead of having him kicking me! 
  3. Sleeping on my stomach
  4. Normal gums that aren't puffy and bloody
  5. Surfing
  6. Bikram Yoga
  7. Dancing full out
  8. Running fast and far
  9. Beer
  10. Jeans

Can you tell the rain has started in Vancouver? When else would you make a TOP TEN list? Someone is obviously bored. What to do when pregnant in the rain? You can't go to the studio and dance or yoges. You can't go to the pub and sit and drink beer all day. I would have to say I am pretty darn lucky that I was pregnant in the summer and got to do all that fun outside stuff. 

December 15, 2012 UPDATE: 

Number 1 and 2 - done ... check! We love cuddling with baby Christian. 
Number 3 - I can't sleep on my stomach yet because my boobs are too sore and full. I didn't anticipate that - I don't know why I didn't. 
Number 4 - YES! My gums returned to normal as soon as I gave birth. I couldn't believe it. It is awesome having normal gums. 
Number 5, 6, 7 and 8 - I have to wait three more weeks until my six week check up to get the go ahead. Not long now!! I have been walking with Christian when it isn't pouring rain. 
Number 9 - BEER! I had some beers the other day and it was no fun pumping my milk and throwing it out. It wasn't relaxing. I was just really thirsty and had a headache after. I won't be drinking beer again for a while. 
Number 10 - I haven't even tried to put my jeans back on. I wear sweats at home - my milking clothes... cause I drip all over them or Christian spits up on them.. or pees... And, when we go out for walks I wear leggings - pregnancy clothes still. BUT... I am sure this one will go hand in hand with numbers 5,6,7 and 8. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Seventh Appointment with Dr. Spehar: 33 Weeks, Day 3

Nothing much to tell about here. Jonny made it back from work in time to join me at my 3:50pm appointment that was actually at 4:39. Man was I getting antsy in that small, stuffy room. I definitely like going in the morning better. We were the last ones. Oh well, done and everything is all good. See you again in two weeks Dr. Spehar.

The next morning at school Dr. Spehar's office called and wanted to change my next appointment to a morning appointment. Do you think they are reading my blog? If you are reading it... did you find any keys laying around? Those would be ours. AND, thank-you for being my doctor :-) 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wanna Know Christian's Birthday?

Today I had an amazing day at school. I didn't get much work done this afternoon because I had three former students come back to visit me: Stephanie, Christina, and Simonne. It is awesome to see that these girls have grown up and are super awesome mini-adults. Christina also brought in her son who is seven months old. Jayden didn't stop staring and smiling at me. I kept thinking about my little Christian and this is how old he will be in BALI!

Right before Stephanie arrived, Dr. Spehar's office called with a message to call them back because they had the date for the c-section. I listened to the message and got excited and thought how cool it was that they called to tell me this information when I have an appointment booked tomorrow. So, I called them back and she gave me the date.

Christian's birthday, if all goes as planned, is November 23, 2012. Isn't that cool? It is REALLY real now. That makes him a Sagittarius by one day.

Ok... a little add on here. Jonny and I were just in the kitchen cleaning up and there was a knock at the door. Jonny opened the door and there was a little bag outside the door and he looked down the hall to see the nice lady that is ALWAYS cleaning our building skittering away and giggling. She is so cute! I could hear her giggles. It is so cool that she was thinking about us and she must have known that this was a special day.