Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christianmas 2015

 Christmas activities started with a rainy dance parade in Surrey. I didn't get many pictures because it was so rainy and cold I couldn't bring out my phone or feel my fingers. 

 Jonny surprised us when we got back from the parade by having the Christmas tree all set up. Thanks Daddy! 
 We had breakfast with Santa at the Roundhouse. 

 We rode the train. (and got tickets to go back for more rides) 

 We found papa's brick in the Roundhouse. 
 We made some crafts at the Roundhouse. 
 But we couldn't wait around to sit on Santa's knee - we were too grumpy. We peaked at him through the whole in the wall. 

 We made box tunnels for trains. 

 We sat and watched Christmas cartoons with our Christmas lights glowing in the dark night. 

We cuddled :-) 
We tried to craft - they didn't turn out like the picture - but we tried and had fun. 

First attempt. 
 Second attempt. 
 We went for walks. 

 And we loved all the lights. 

 Daddy and Christian found an elf's house but he wasn't at home. 
 We had Christmas fun with Grandma. 

 And we had some Christmas fun in Langley with Grandma, Papa, Rob, Lynn, Austin, and Tyler. 
 Christmas cracker with Uncle Rob. 
 Christian helped everyone open their presents. 

Christian even got to play in some snow with Papa. 

See you next time!!