Friday, July 27, 2012

4th Appointment with Dr. Spehar: It is a BOY!!

Christian Paul Johnson - that sounds good. I am sorry mom that he isn't a little ilo but Belle also wanted to use your name. So, maybe twenty more years and we will get a little ilo.

I am almost too excited to write anything right now. OK.. let me try...

This was my first appointment where Jonny was not with me. (The most exciting one as well!) This appointment was at 10:45am and there wasn't much of a wait in the morning. I like morning appointments.

I told Dr. Spehar about the blood and she said it could have been the cervix stretching. I had the ultra sound right after that and everything was fine so there are no worries as long as it doesn't happen again.

I also told her about the pain on the right side of my diaphragm. She asked if it is something that happens after I eat. It isn't. I said it is more from sitting and that I used to get a spasm there during head to knee in yoga sometimes. She said to keep an eye on it.

She gave me a form to go and get another set of blood tests for diabetes. You have to fast all night and then get a couple of blood tests. That is the week after Annina leaves.

She tested the heart beat and I got to hear little Christian's heart racing at 165 which is good.

Then, I made another appointment in four weeks - on a Monday.. so Jonny can come!! AND... I texted Jonny and left the building SMILING SOOOO BIG!! Then I called and texted everyone! WOO HOO!!

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