Thursday, August 21, 2014

Big Boy Bed

Well, on Wednesday, August 20th at 8pm, after being woken up at 5am that morning, we were forced into big boy bed training. Christian was now able to climb out of his crib with the mattress on the floor. He started climbing out of his Pack n'Play and crib on our LA trip. (Read here for more details). We hoped that we could put off the big boy bed until Christmas break. But, as I am still learning, moms can't plan anything. It happens when it happens. (That includes getting to yoga and sleep!)

Jonny was awesome. He pulled everything out of the room that looked fun and was dangerous. The fun room I had just created was now boring. This room was meant for one thing only - sleep. He also converted the crib into the big boy bed. We were all set.

We were already tired and not prepared for the sleepless night we predicted. However, we were pleasantly surprised. After a little crying and fussing the noise stopped. We snuck into check on him about an hour after the noise stopped and he was asleep in his bed. YAY! All the stories we read on blogs about kids playing all night and sleeping on the floor… weren't us.

He woke up once in the night around 3:30am. I cuddled and put him back down and picked him up and cuddled him and put him back down.. until I had to leave and then he cried and made it back to bed again. He woke up at 6:30. That wasn't so bad.

The next worry was nap time.. but after some crying he got quiet and we went in and snuck this cute little pic. Knock on wood!

Jonny got a couple of more big boy bed pics:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dr. Montgomery: 18 Month Visit at 21 Months

I called the doctor's office before Christian turned eighteen months but the nurses at the front desk told me he didn't need to come in until he was two. When I was at the doctor's I double checked and he was supposed to come in and get his boosters - so no big deal - we are just a bit late.

Today was easy. We went straight from skating and I was super sweaty. We didn't have to wait long. The boy got weighed, measured, and got one booster shot. He didn't even know he got one. He was so good.

Then, we walked out of there like a big boy. We stopped at the dollar store and got a step stool so he could brush his teeth by himself like the big boy that he is.

Christian went from calling everything a dog to calling all the trees ducks. His vocabulary is growing daily and he is really putting an effort into trying to communicate. A lot of his words do not make sense - but at least he is getting some things right. I think he knows more than we think. Watch out! 

 The "terrible twos" have definitely started. Sometimes his face looks like this:

 We have had to do more baby proofing - took down the closet doors, got special locks on the door, cupboards, and toilet, as well as, removed and taped drawers. I like the extra play space.

 He can push a skate board along the C wall, pull the stroller, or walk most of the way home.

 He is getting better at colouring and making faces!

 And he is can sit in his own big boy chair and feed himself.

 This is just a small taste of all the things Christian has been learning. We love him.