Saturday, December 30, 2017

Winter 2017

First live show with Grandma, Belle, and Laya: Beauty and the Beast. 

Ted Ted went on an adventure. 

We put together our first gingerbread house. 

We made a Christmas chain. Next year - popcorn! 
We counted the days till Christmas. 
We covered ourself in stuffies. 

We made gingerbread and sugar cookies... a lot of them! 

We visited friends. 

We delivered cookies and played in parks. 
We glowed in the beautiful Christmas tree lights. 

Presents! Thank-you everyone for the toys!! 

We watched the Disney World parade with our Disney ears on. 

We visited family. 

Booty dances were real... 
The first gondola ride up the Sea to Sky.. and tubing. This is the most snow Christian has ever seen. 

We played new games. 
Made tracks around Nathan's toilet! hahaa! 
And we slept :-)