Monday, July 16, 2012

Third Ultra Sound: Week 21, Day 1

My kid is hipstering - I can't tell if it is a boy or a girl!

You know how you walk down the street and some of the people you see your brain actually has to do some work to figure out which gender they are? We have a lot of hipsters in Vancouver and sometimes I look at them and wonder if that young person in grandpa or grandma (from my time) clothing is a boy or a girl. It is funny that I say this cause I am a girl who loves to wear boy clothes. I choose comfort over fashion - or maybe I just like boy fashion over girl fashion. I don't know - but I am pretty sure you could always tell that I was and am a girl. I don't think I went too far. Anywho, enough about me - why am I talking about all this and making you wait to find out what the gender is? Cause I have to wait, Jonny has to wait, we all have to wait!

The government does not allow - CAN YOU BELIEVE... I wrote my WHOLE blog AND IT DELETED because the internet stopped working again? I have to re-write. GRRR!! SHAW.. I HATE YOU!

So, what was I saying when I was so rudely interrupted? Maybe I should say it faster?

The government no longer allows technician's to report to the patient the sex of the baby. However, they have put the the sex of the baby in their report to our doctor who will inform us of the gender at our next appointment.

Our next doctor's appointment is Friday, July 27th at 10:45 am. Eleven days away. Jonny works on Fridays. I won't be able to look into his eyes when she tells me. I am going to find out first and alone? That doesn't seem fair. Today would have been perfect.

I had two technician's today. I had a man first and then a woman. I liked the woman best as her face lit up when she was looking at the screen. She showed me the screen and explained to me what we were seeing. I saw the skull face, nose and lips, arm, bladder, spine, heart beating, thigh, and feet. I know she was showing us the right spots to see whether it was a boy or a girl but I am no technician. I would see something, like an arm, and then she would say, this is the top of the head... ok, I wasn't that far off but you know what I mean. My eyes are not accustomed to the the screen and could not decipher what I was seeing as fast as hers could. I think I saw some balls - but maybe those were ovaries?

Jonny had the good seat in the house and could see the screen the whole time and he couldn't decipher either. I guess we are all just going to have to wait a few more days.

The baby was moving around a lot more and I could feel it move today when she was manipulating it with her wand. That is just weird.

After she got all the measurements I got to pee and I had to go back and get the yucky scope put in to measure the length and width of my cervix. Patients who have had cone biopsies have been known to have premature births. I however, have a long cervix which supposedly prevents premature births from happening. All good! That last part was quick and easy.

I was sent back to the waiting room to wait. She came out to appease me with two pictures - similar to the ones I had before of skull face. I was sent away with sexless skull face.

 Jonny and I walked out into the beautiful sunshine quite disappointed that we would have to practice our patience for 11 more days. Thank-you to those cultures who kill their females. Thank-you for allowing me to practice my patience. We walked down to Robson and Denman to our favourite Vietnamese place. We ate and then walked down Denman and back along the C wall. Sorry for the anticlimactic blog entry. The first one I wrote was better. (GRR SHAW!)

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