Monday, August 27, 2012

Fifth Appointment with Dr. Spehar's Substitue: 26 Weeks, Day 7

Dr. Spehar was on vacation so we had a replacement doctor whose name I did not catch. The great thing about this appointment was it was one minute early and I found out that I do not have gestational diabetes. YAY!

I peed in the cup, got weighed, blood pressure, belly measured, and the baby heartbeat was taken. The normal stuff and all normal. I didn't have any problems to report.

She asked if we were taking pre-natal classes and I said that I didn't think I had to take those if I was getting a c-section. That's where I went wrong. I shouldn't have brought up the c word. She forget to tell us anything more about prenatal classes and continued on a rant of RARE risk factors involved with my decision. I listened and smiled and said, "But most babies delivered by this method are fine, right?" The answer is affirmative.

I jokingly asked if it was still a boy and Jonny asked about the odds of the ultra sound technicians being wrong. Annina scared him with a story about a friend who thought she was having one sex and it came out the opposite. Now, Jonny is worried that Christian is ilo. He is worried that all of his plans and pictures in his head have been a waste. I just figure if it comes out a girl it can wear the boy clothes - no big deal really. Nothing to get upset over anyways. I still believe it is a boy and I am not going to worry about it either way. I am just going to continue on as I knew what I was doing. (This is my mom's saying.)

Jonny also asked about early and late births. The doctor told us that is what they are watching for. Our next appointment will be in three weeks and after that it will be every two weeks and then every week. We also found out if we do have a c-section they will perform that at thirty-nine weeks. When is that? Let me look it up on the calendar. Whoa!! Did I count right? That means that I will have the baby around November 20th!! I stop work on November 16th. Cool! No waiting around - Christian will be coming out to play right away.

All in all, this appointment left us with an overall bad feeling. There was a condescending tone to it. When Dr. Marketa is back at our next appointment we will make sure to deal with this c-section decision and get the consent forms signs and dealt with so we don't have to have THE TALK again. We will also find out more information about pre-natal classes. (I don't really want to take those - but I would like to find out more about them - where, when, and what they consist of - who knows? Maybe I do want to take them.)

Our next appointment is: September 27 at 1:15. That is four weeks... she was trying to book it in at three weeks but I am trying to work around school stuff now. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

25 Weeks, Day 4: Glucose Testing - GROSS!

Let me tell you something cool before I tell you something gross. I have been able to feel Christian kicking me for a while now - since the last ultra sound but Jonny hasn't been able to feel him from the outside. Yesterday, I was looking down at my belly and I saw it move when I felt it. Last night, Jonny and I were watching TV (we got rid of Shaw now and are trying Novus - hopefully I won't loose any more posts!) and I could tell Christian was going to move again so I took his hand and rested it on my belly and he felt him kicking. He got to feel about four good kicks in a row. Isn't that special?

Ok - so this morning I got up and went down to the Roundhouse lab and had my glucose testing done to check for gestational diabetes. I did not realize that this was going to be so awful. It is not a fun test. I guess they had to one up it cause I was getting used to them taking my blood. So here is how it goes: You can't eat anything for 8 hours but you can have water. So, I went first thing in the morning after Jonny got on the SkyTrain to go to work. I hadn't been to this lab before but I like it. First they take three vials of blood. Then I had to drink a water and glucose drink - a whole bottle in five minutes or faster. I watched the clock and sipped and swallowed. It didn't taste that bad but it was so sweet and there was so much of it. I got it down and she gave me a cup of water and sent me back to the waiting room for one hour.

For the first while I felt like puking. My pussy eyes were tearing up because I felt gross. I got up and blowed my nose and sucked in my wimpy eyes. I sucked them dry of tears and sat back down. I focussed on my breathing and texted mom and Jonny making them aware of how awful it was. hahaha. I am such a baby! I then tried to focus on my book. I watched people come in and leave. An hour did not seem to take too long to pass. I was feeling a little better now but still a little queasy.

The second and third time they took blood they only took one vial. I was happy to leave and sit in the sun across from Urban Fare and call home and tell them about my big girl adventure. Jonny texted that I was a good girl and could eat the ice cream in the fridge but I do not feel like anything sweet. I keep burping up glucose mixture. I think we will be making salad for dinner tonight.

I think I will end with something pleasant as well. Here are some pictures of new clothes that we got for Christian:

This one if for a two year old - but how awesome is this hoodie??!! I want a zombie hoodie!