Monday, July 16, 2012

ilo or Christian?

Today is the day! We are both super excited to find out who is inside of me growing. Is it a little ilo or a little Christian?

I have realized that some people are really against finding out the sex of the baby and some people wouldn't have it any other way. I guess everyone has to do what is right for them. I can't imagine waiting another minute. I have always been impatient and haven't been able to keep a surprise... or a secret - so don't tell me any!

Our ultra sound appointment is at 9:45am. Jonny was up really early - then he fell back to sleep and now I am up early - too excited to sleep. I am drinking water and preparing mentally to hold my pee with ease.

I guess if you want to know who is inside - you are going to have to check back later. And - if you don't see it up here it isn't because I am withholding it from you it will be due to our not so awesome SHAW internet service. I won't go into my angry rant about SHAW and their SUCKY internet service and SUCKY CUSTOMER service. All I will say is,  I may not be with them much longer and I wish there was another option besides Telus. I wish that NOVUS would come to my building. OR, I wish that a new company would open up. End of off topic - back to the gender of our baby.... Check back LATER SKATERS! 

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