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I have been researching the C-Word. 

I read this post too:

Posted 02/21/2011
So, mine was sudden, but not really an emergency. I went to my scheduled dr appointment, and he decided that I was developing pre-e, so he said we can do it today or tomorrow. I chose that day! Let's do this:-). Anyway, I went to L/D. Signed some paperwork as they prepped me a room. When the room was ready, I changed into my gown, got in the bed, and they hooked up an iv, blood pressure cuff, baby monitor, all that great stuff.
About an hour to two hours later, they came and wheeled me to the OR. They put me on the edge of the table in the OR in order to insert the needle for the spinal. It pinched for a moment, but nothing horrible. After that, they laid me back on the bed, and allowed
my DH to come in. It seems like the spinal worked in a flash, bc they were asking me if I felt them pinching my feet (which I didn't). They did not tie my arms down, as I've heard others say, but they did lay them out on the boards on the OR table. The anesthesiologist told me to tell him about any discomfort. I felt sick at my stomach for a moment, which he said was from my blood pressure dropping, and normal. My DH was at my head on a stool holding my hand. The nurses and dr's were talking to him about things not related to the csection, which too my mind off what was going on. They told me that there would be some pressure, and then there was a baby!!!
I got to see my LO for a few minutes, then my DH took him out of the OR while they closed me up. It didn't seem like it took that long. I then went to recovery. I had the shakes in a major way while the spinal wore off. It scared me to shake so much, but I didn't know at the time that it was a normal reaction. After 30 minutes or so in recovery, I was off to my room to see my LO! It was a frightening experience only because I had no idea what was going to happen. Good luck to you!! You'll do fine.

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