Saturday, July 21, 2012

21 Weeks, Day 5: Nightmare!

I have had some pretty vivid and weird dreams throughout this pregnancy but last night I had a horrible, heart racing nightmare. The kind where you wake up and have to reassure yourself that everything is going to be ok. The kind where if you go back to sleep it comes back. I won't tell you about it because it will make it more real in my head and the likelihood of it returning will increase. It had nothing to do with the baby though it was more of an alien invasion. (Why did I watch that stupid Doom movie last night?)
So, as Jonny slept. The baby, who I can feel move now, and I stayed up and tried to think happy thoughts. I imagined my future puppy running through a field of flowers and then rolling around on his back giving it a good scratch. I imagined running through the field and having the puppy follow behind. Then I bent down to smell a flower and the puppy caught up to me and licked my face. I was so tired. I wanted to sleep so bad but as I drifted again the cute puppy and pretty flowers turned into  my nightmare.

I laid on my side and felt some more baby movements. So weird. What are you doing in there? Why aren't you sleeping? Did you see the same nightmare? Do you sleep? I noticed a new pain when I switch from side to side - one in across from my belly button. Well, I am not sleeping anyways, I might as well look it up. Usually, I try not to turn on my toy when I am supposed to be sleeping because I will play with it and wake up too much to go back to sleep. But, I really didn't want to go back to sleep I guess. I looked up belly button pain pregnancy - and found out I am normal. Well, the toy is out, I might as well check the Facebook and play a few games of solitaire. I will just turn the brightness down so as not to wake Jonny.

Eventually Jonny squeaks awake. Lucky him was having a surfing dream. I asked him to bring me in that one. That didn't work either. How romantic if it could have!

I resorted to half a peanut butter sandwich and then snuggled back in and I slept with no nightmare for three more hours. I woke up early - and I just don't feel like dozing today. I think I am really going to appreciate being awake in the real world.

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