Monday, June 25, 2012

Third Appointment with Dr. Spehar - 17 Weeks, 6 Days

We did not arrive 15 minutes early this time and the wait seemed 15 minutes shorter. I guess that is how we will roll with afternoon appointments - come right on time.

This appointment started the same as all the rest: pee in a cup, get weighed - (I don't want to know!) and go back to the waiting room to be called.

We got called in just before 4 for our 3:30 appointment. Dr. Spehar had JUST received an e-mail with our IPS results and our baby received a negative result for down syndrome. YAY!

I asked about the Diclectin. She said I could keep taking it but try to come off again. The morning sickness only lasts the entire pregnancy for 5% of women. It could be over now. Jonny and I decided we will try to come off of it after our road trip. I don't want to feel sick while driving or camping. I will try again when I get home. Then, if I feel sick I can just stay in bed.

Next she took my blood pressure and listened to the baby's heart. We are both healthy. Jonny recorded the heart beat. It sounds a bit staticy but it is pretty cool. Baby Heart Beat.

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