Saturday, July 28, 2012

Celebration Time

Once we found out that Christian is Christian we wanted to get him a hat just like his daddy's. We ordered him an infant new era P hat. 

 Mom and Dad came out for dinner to celebrate and man were we ever full after. 
 Isn't it cute that mom wore blue for a boy? Mom you look pretty! 
 Jonny and mom both tried the summer special lobster. Dad had to help them out a bit! 
We also got to have a celebration breaky with Arlene and Jonny got new baby shoes for his birthday. They look just like mine! 

Thanks for celebrating with us! 

Friday, July 27, 2012

4th Appointment with Dr. Spehar: It is a BOY!!

Christian Paul Johnson - that sounds good. I am sorry mom that he isn't a little ilo but Belle also wanted to use your name. So, maybe twenty more years and we will get a little ilo.

I am almost too excited to write anything right now. OK.. let me try...

This was my first appointment where Jonny was not with me. (The most exciting one as well!) This appointment was at 10:45am and there wasn't much of a wait in the morning. I like morning appointments.

I told Dr. Spehar about the blood and she said it could have been the cervix stretching. I had the ultra sound right after that and everything was fine so there are no worries as long as it doesn't happen again.

I also told her about the pain on the right side of my diaphragm. She asked if it is something that happens after I eat. It isn't. I said it is more from sitting and that I used to get a spasm there during head to knee in yoga sometimes. She said to keep an eye on it.

She gave me a form to go and get another set of blood tests for diabetes. You have to fast all night and then get a couple of blood tests. That is the week after Annina leaves.

She tested the heart beat and I got to hear little Christian's heart racing at 165 which is good.

Then, I made another appointment in four weeks - on a Monday.. so Jonny can come!! AND... I texted Jonny and left the building SMILING SOOOO BIG!! Then I called and texted everyone! WOO HOO!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

No Diclectin

I haven't taken any medicine in two days. I don't feel sick. YAY! 

21 Weeks, Day 5: Nightmare!

I have had some pretty vivid and weird dreams throughout this pregnancy but last night I had a horrible, heart racing nightmare. The kind where you wake up and have to reassure yourself that everything is going to be ok. The kind where if you go back to sleep it comes back. I won't tell you about it because it will make it more real in my head and the likelihood of it returning will increase. It had nothing to do with the baby though it was more of an alien invasion. (Why did I watch that stupid Doom movie last night?)
So, as Jonny slept. The baby, who I can feel move now, and I stayed up and tried to think happy thoughts. I imagined my future puppy running through a field of flowers and then rolling around on his back giving it a good scratch. I imagined running through the field and having the puppy follow behind. Then I bent down to smell a flower and the puppy caught up to me and licked my face. I was so tired. I wanted to sleep so bad but as I drifted again the cute puppy and pretty flowers turned into  my nightmare.

I laid on my side and felt some more baby movements. So weird. What are you doing in there? Why aren't you sleeping? Did you see the same nightmare? Do you sleep? I noticed a new pain when I switch from side to side - one in across from my belly button. Well, I am not sleeping anyways, I might as well look it up. Usually, I try not to turn on my toy when I am supposed to be sleeping because I will play with it and wake up too much to go back to sleep. But, I really didn't want to go back to sleep I guess. I looked up belly button pain pregnancy - and found out I am normal. Well, the toy is out, I might as well check the Facebook and play a few games of solitaire. I will just turn the brightness down so as not to wake Jonny.

Eventually Jonny squeaks awake. Lucky him was having a surfing dream. I asked him to bring me in that one. That didn't work either. How romantic if it could have!

I resorted to half a peanut butter sandwich and then snuggled back in and I slept with no nightmare for three more hours. I woke up early - and I just don't feel like dozing today. I think I am really going to appreciate being awake in the real world.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Third Ultra Sound: Week 21, Day 1

My kid is hipstering - I can't tell if it is a boy or a girl!

You know how you walk down the street and some of the people you see your brain actually has to do some work to figure out which gender they are? We have a lot of hipsters in Vancouver and sometimes I look at them and wonder if that young person in grandpa or grandma (from my time) clothing is a boy or a girl. It is funny that I say this cause I am a girl who loves to wear boy clothes. I choose comfort over fashion - or maybe I just like boy fashion over girl fashion. I don't know - but I am pretty sure you could always tell that I was and am a girl. I don't think I went too far. Anywho, enough about me - why am I talking about all this and making you wait to find out what the gender is? Cause I have to wait, Jonny has to wait, we all have to wait!

The government does not allow - CAN YOU BELIEVE... I wrote my WHOLE blog AND IT DELETED because the internet stopped working again? I have to re-write. GRRR!! SHAW.. I HATE YOU!

So, what was I saying when I was so rudely interrupted? Maybe I should say it faster?

The government no longer allows technician's to report to the patient the sex of the baby. However, they have put the the sex of the baby in their report to our doctor who will inform us of the gender at our next appointment.

Our next doctor's appointment is Friday, July 27th at 10:45 am. Eleven days away. Jonny works on Fridays. I won't be able to look into his eyes when she tells me. I am going to find out first and alone? That doesn't seem fair. Today would have been perfect.

I had two technician's today. I had a man first and then a woman. I liked the woman best as her face lit up when she was looking at the screen. She showed me the screen and explained to me what we were seeing. I saw the skull face, nose and lips, arm, bladder, spine, heart beating, thigh, and feet. I know she was showing us the right spots to see whether it was a boy or a girl but I am no technician. I would see something, like an arm, and then she would say, this is the top of the head... ok, I wasn't that far off but you know what I mean. My eyes are not accustomed to the the screen and could not decipher what I was seeing as fast as hers could. I think I saw some balls - but maybe those were ovaries?

Jonny had the good seat in the house and could see the screen the whole time and he couldn't decipher either. I guess we are all just going to have to wait a few more days.

The baby was moving around a lot more and I could feel it move today when she was manipulating it with her wand. That is just weird.

After she got all the measurements I got to pee and I had to go back and get the yucky scope put in to measure the length and width of my cervix. Patients who have had cone biopsies have been known to have premature births. I however, have a long cervix which supposedly prevents premature births from happening. All good! That last part was quick and easy.

I was sent back to the waiting room to wait. She came out to appease me with two pictures - similar to the ones I had before of skull face. I was sent away with sexless skull face.

 Jonny and I walked out into the beautiful sunshine quite disappointed that we would have to practice our patience for 11 more days. Thank-you to those cultures who kill their females. Thank-you for allowing me to practice my patience. We walked down to Robson and Denman to our favourite Vietnamese place. We ate and then walked down Denman and back along the C wall. Sorry for the anticlimactic blog entry. The first one I wrote was better. (GRR SHAW!)

ilo or Christian?

Today is the day! We are both super excited to find out who is inside of me growing. Is it a little ilo or a little Christian?

I have realized that some people are really against finding out the sex of the baby and some people wouldn't have it any other way. I guess everyone has to do what is right for them. I can't imagine waiting another minute. I have always been impatient and haven't been able to keep a surprise... or a secret - so don't tell me any!

Our ultra sound appointment is at 9:45am. Jonny was up really early - then he fell back to sleep and now I am up early - too excited to sleep. I am drinking water and preparing mentally to hold my pee with ease.

I guess if you want to know who is inside - you are going to have to check back later. And - if you don't see it up here it isn't because I am withholding it from you it will be due to our not so awesome SHAW internet service. I won't go into my angry rant about SHAW and their SUCKY internet service and SUCKY CUSTOMER service. All I will say is,  I may not be with them much longer and I wish there was another option besides Telus. I wish that NOVUS would come to my building. OR, I wish that a new company would open up. End of off topic - back to the gender of our baby.... Check back LATER SKATERS! 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Week 20, Day 4 - Blood?!

Jonny and I are driving back from California. I had driven from Richardson Grove state park to Kelso, Washington. Three states - one day! We were at the Red Lobster and I went to the washroom. When I wiped there was blood. I took a look behind me and there was a lot of fresh blood in the toilet. Or at least the water made it look that way. I started to freak out in my head and my heart. But, there was no pain. Nothing felt wrong it just looked wrong. I cleaned up and went back to the table. Jonny came and sat beside me and he calmed me down while going a bit crazy himself in his mind. Was it too much sitting? Yoging? Running? Why is this happening? We calmed down. We need to check the internet. I went back to the washroom and checked again and it had stopped. It was brown. Phew- wipe brow. When we got back to the hotel we checked the Internet a little bit but not too much as to freak ourselves out. I'm pretty sure I'm normal. Ultra sound Monday and doctors the next week - I'm sure it's all good. Just don't happen again!!