Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Boy's First St. Patrick's Day!

Good morning my little leprechaun!

Pit scooted over and then the four of us went to meet Pinner and her family.
Pit in front of Joe's Apartment
Who is that cutie? 

Pinner with the boy. 

Zoe's first time holding the boy. She is a natural! 

Marcus... not so much! hahaha! 
Jay looks great in this shot! 
Pit taking photos for people... looks like he is still dancing! 
View from inside Taft's - a hidden little restaurant that wasn't busy... I don't know why... perfect location - right in the action. 
Chow time! 
Happy Family! 
Let's keep on strolling! 

Having a St. Patrick's day beer at the 340

Christian giggling at Daddy - the best feeling in the world! 
A packed fun, first St. Patrick's Day! Now - let's go home and go to sleep! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Christian's Visit with Dr. M for his Forth Month Shots!

Dr. M fixed the mistake from last time. And this time our boy is 17.5 lbs and 2 feet! He is still in the normal, healthy range of growth on the chart. 
One oral vaccination and two more shots - check, check, check! 
You can hardly see it but there is a little band aid where he got one of his shots. He got one on each leg. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Exclusively Pumping

Here is my pumping routine:


For the first 9.5 weeks I pumped for 15 minutes every 3 hours. 

You had to pump often and on schedule to create a supply. You are supposed to pump every three hours for the first three months. I have read that you can lose your supply if you don't. I was planning on weaning at three months and I was extremely tired so I moved to every four hours at nine and a half weeks but didn't have any problems with supply. The extra rest must have helped! 

January 28 I started pumping every 4 hours - still 15 minutes each session.

I am starting to feel bad about weaning. Maybe I could pump a little longer. It isn't that bad. But, it would be nice to not be tethered to the machine every four hours and not to have these boobs! Am I just being selfish? No, I know I have given him a good start and formula isn't going to hurt him. 

I am also getting nervous about starting to wean. What if I get engorged again? You basically have to keep your boobs a little bit full and never fully empty them - supply and demand. I am also worried about getting a blockage from doing this. I just hope it all goes smoothly. It isn't going to be as easy as I have made it seem by filling in times in my calendar. 
My Medela pump and pumping hat

February 11 I continued to pump every 4 hours but I cut the time to 12 minutes each session.

Today is the third day into this routine. Twice I have pushed pumps 5 hours or longer because I just wasn't home to pump. My right breast is showing signs of engorgement. I am going to stick strict to the schedule from here on in. I might even have to wean a little more slowly. I wonder if my breasts will get used to the 12 minute sessions?I am still making the same amount of milk and freezing three extra bags a day. 

Thursday - after sticking exactly to the time schedule my breasts were feeling better. Then, I slept through a pump session and woke up super hard. After pumping I was ok. I better turn my alarm up. I guess I needed the sleep. 

Mom got me a bottle brush - my bottles and nipples are super shiny now. I wish I had it the whole time. 

I made a lot of milk! 

February 18 I started pumping every 4.5 hours and I cut the time to 9 minutes. 

Monday and Tuesday I felt very full and big but by Wednesday I had adjusted. I am still making between 6-10 ounces most sessions. There is always one session a day when I make only 4 ounces. 
Drying station - lots of dish washing going on! 

February 24 I started pumping every 5 hours and I cut the time to 6 minutes. 

The first day was a bit full and sore but by the second day I had adjusted fine. I am definitely not making much milk anymore. 
You need water when you are pumping - and for life in general! 

February 27 I started pumping every 6 hours for just 3 minutes. 

There is no full or sore feeling when I jumped down to this level. The amount of milk I get in three minutes makes me wonder if I even need to continue on. I am going to stick to the plan though.

Oh - I need to continue on. At my 7pm pumping session I felt really full and three minutes is hardly enough to relieve it. BUT, I am sticking to the plan.  
Rubber gloves for washing all the time - keeps the hands nice and soft. 

March 2 I stopped pumping on schedule 

I last pumped at 8pm. My plan was to skip the 2am pump session and pump at 8am. We all slept in till 9 and I wasn't sore or hard so now, it is almost noon and I still haven't pumped. Am I done? I don't know. But if I start to feel sore or hard I will let a little out. No more schedule just listening to my body. 

I ended up pumping once a day when I woke up for 2 minutes. 
Pump parts drying

March 6 I stopped pumping all together! 

I was worried I might have to pump again or that I would get mastitis or clogged ducts but today is Friday - and I have pumped since Tuesday morning. I am fine! I made it! I survived. I wonder how long it will take for my breasts to go back to normal? I guess I will just have to wait and see. The tough part is over and not pumping at night is awesome. Now we just have to get up to feed the boy.. about two times a night. That is nothing compared to how much I was up before. YAY! 

Random notes about pumping: 

  • I kept a pumping alarm on my phone and tried to stick to the time as good as I could. Sometimes I pumped early or late depending on what I had to do.
  • Christmas was the only time I didn't pump at home - I pumped at mom and dad's house in my old room. It is a hassle because you have to clean everything. It is much easier to just pump at home. 
  • I have a stock of milk frozen in the freezer. There should be enough for Christian to have mostly breast milk for another month making it a total of four and a half months. 
  • I started giving Christian one bottle of formula at night on February 4th. Supposedly it helps babies to sleep longer because it stays in the system longer than breast milk. I haven't noticed much difference. 
  • I used hot water and dish soap to wash the pump parts after every use. I found the spray hose really helpful to clean the filter parts and bottles. Then, mom got me the bottle brush with a nipple cleaner in the handle... wow!! I wish I had that the whole time. Get one of these - they are at the dollar store! 
  • I used rubber gloves after the first week when I realized my skin was peeling off from getting them wet eight times a day. (Thanks mom) 
  • There is no way you can stay sleepy pumping at night. However, I had no problem going back to sleep. 
  • Just because you pump every three hours doesn't mean you get to sleep for three hours in between pumps. Christian would be hungry and need a change somewhere during that time. During growth spurts he might eat twice. You are lucky to get two consecutive hours. Jonny is a big help. 
  • I used Medela freezer bags. 

He is lucky he is cute!!