Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Christian's Six Month Appointment with Dr. Montgomery

After swimming we had some salad rolls and then headed to the doctor. We had to wake Christian up from his nap to be weighed and he didn't like that but once that was over and he was awake and more with it, he was his normal, happy self. He got measured and got one shot and was an awesome boy. The appointment was at noon and we were out of there really quick. 

 Weight: 8.73 kg / 19.25 lbs. Height: 2.28 feet / 69.5 cm
 Only one shot today - easy! 

He is such a good boy! 

But... after the doctors when we went home... mommy left Christian on the couch in his pillow and he rolled out... and fell on the floor and bonked his head :-( BOOOO!!! Bad mommy!! 
ouch!! First head bonk :-(