Friday, February 27, 2015

The New New

Christian went to the dentist yesterday and he was so amazing. We ran all the way there. What kid runs to the dentist? We were playing with a Ninja Turtle and a car in the waiting area and he walked into the dentist area and said, "Bye!" He giggled and came back and then did it again. When they called him in he sat in the chair all by himself. Dr. Iris Michaan made a balloon out of a glove and drew a face on it. She counted its fingers and then counted his fingers and mine. She then proceeded to count his teeth. He opened and let her put the mirror in and count away. He chose a prize and we left. I couldn't believe it.

 Christian does a lot of playing with toys and a lot of talking. 

 He knows almost all of his letters and 1 - 9 but doesn't know them in order yet. I love it when he tries to sing the ABC song and just puts the letters all over and repeats some of them. 

 He loves his "pony" and will ask for a pony in his hair. 

 He has the music in him... and the dance. 

 He loves pizza and sushi. 


 He is pretty darn dapper. 

 Colouring is a new favourite activity. 

 We are still working on this one. 

 Daddy gets lots of hugs and he deserves them. 

 He loves his sunglasses. 

 He likes making faces with mommy. 

 He can "fix" his skateboard and stand and push. 

 He knows his shapes. 

 More colouring. 

 He likes forts. 

 He shared some love on Valentine's Day. 

 He put N on nose. 

 My cuties. 

 He also loves daddy's sunglasses. 

 He likes to hold his cookies. 

 Balloons are fun to kick. 

Shark slippers on his feet.