Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tinnitus Starts: 7 Weeks, Day 2

Awesome! I woke up to heave and spit at 2:30 am and realized I can't hear that well out of my left ear and I am hearing a constant dial tone type noise in both my ears. Great! I am trying to stay positive but so far this experience is making me question its worth. I know there is no question as to its worth in reality and I guess in the past the harder that I have worked for something the more rewarding it was in the end. I am sure this experience will be the same and I will love this thing more because it was so gruelling to make! 

I should also add here, that I have had tinnitus for years. It is just worse now. I have read some articles that say it could be caused by the increase in progesterone levels. I have been told by the ear doctor in the past that there aren't any real cures but I will no doubt add this to my list of inquiries for my next visit... to whichever doctor is lucky enough to get me. 

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