Friday, April 6, 2012

Morning Sickness starts: 5 Weeks, Day 7

UGH! I am not sure if I really have ms because I am sick. It feels like a double wammy. It started yesterday morning. I got up and dry heaved into the toilet over some phlegm in my throat from my cold. I was positive thinking - still under the belief that somehow I would be one of the lucky ones that could skip the pukiness.

Then I had a wave of nausea while on the way to lunch with my mom and dad. Dad did a quick swerve in the truck to get into the parking spot and that was enough to make me gag. I had to hold it in hard though because I haven't told anyone yet and Jonny was sure I was going to blow it at lunch.

The saga continues - I heave when I brush my teeth, sneeze, make toast.. move! I have only puked once and it wasn't that bad... watery... but I HATE puking!! SO.. let's hope it doesn't last long. Come on body... get used to all these extra hormones. I am adaptable and strong.

Jonny has been awesome. He looked up some tricks and is taking good care of me. He is still in denial though - hoping that it is just part of my sickness. 

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