Friday, April 6, 2012

Mondo Photo Shoot

Last weekend Jonny and I had a food photo shoot. It is harder than it would seem to take a nice looking picture of food. It isn't like we put a lot of time into trying either because we wanted to eat them!! hahaha! I got out the good camera with the flash and different settings but it wasn't charged. Then Jonny was trying to take it with my phone but it has been dying lately - so it just turned off. I had to plug it in and restart it a few times and in that time Jonny used his phone to take these three Mondo shots. Then, we ate!

There was no love in these Mondos. The lady who made them didn't even look us in the eye. I think that is where it all went wrong. These Mondos couldn't have been the models for my new family blog because they were not made with love. So, for now, the photo that I found online will have to stay at the top of my blog. One day, when we have Mondos made with love, we will try again to take a family photo that is worthy of the blog title.

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