Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tenth Appointment with Dr. Spehar: 38 Weeks, Day 2

The stars were lit at St. Paul's
Yesterday I had my tenth and last appointment before the c-section. The next time I see Dr. Spehar will be at St. Paul's. Wow. I can't believe it is almost finally time. Seven more days.

Jonny and I were starving before we left for the appointment. We haven't been grocery shopping because we were waiting for our new fridge. So, we hit the Tim Hortin's on our way. I had a bagel and hot choco and Jonny had coffee and a mini-sangy that he said was pretty good.

While we were waiting in Dr. Spehar's office Jonny made me do the trumpet part of this song:

Dr. Spehar came in and it was a normal appointment. She joked around when she took the heart beat saying it was twins - not a funny joke! She did say it is going to be a healthy sized baby though - all baby and not a lot of fluid. My belly has grown from 39cm. to 43cm in one week. She said, "I bet you are really glad you are getting the c-sction now!" She was in a playful mood. I liked it. She also commented on not having any stretch marks - lucky me! Thanks to mom and dad for the good genetics. No stretch marks but heck - I think I have grown a new gum tooth and ten million new moles. So - hey - you win some you lose some.

We headed back home where mom and dad had been cleaning and fixing things up. They also were there for the stroller delivery. I am still convinced I am going to be a baby back packer.

Our home is feeling more like a home now. I loved having Ian stay with me for four and a half years but I do appreciate having a home back. It is nice to be in the living room and use appliances whenever we want. Although the baby room is pretty daunting with all the baby stuff in it. It is like walking into... a baby room!

 So, let's get out of the house and go EAT! We found a nice table at The Keg. Jonny had his delicious Chicago baseball steak and was happy. Meat erased the reality of the baby room for a brief moment.

Sam sent me a picture last night: 
And I sent him one of Christian and I back: 
Last Sunday I was able to get some of my girls together and my mom and we went for a pedicure and lunch. Thanks for the special day. The massage chair was put to good use on my wings. It was great to catch up with everyone before ... Christian arrives!!! 

 And since Jonny wasn't home after toes - I got to make my own dinner! YUM! This is a decadent treat that my friend Wilson and I used to make after ... um... skateboarding! 
Eggo ice-cream sangy

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