Friday, November 30, 2012

A Few Moments in the life of a One Week Old

 Christian is wearing his new clothes for the first time. 
 He loves his hoodies just like us. 
 Jonny puts on Christian's first pair of Vans slip ons from Crystal. A little big still but so cute! 
 Super Pablo! 
 Or maybe that is S for SLEEPY Pablo? 
 Melissa gets in another visit. She loves to cuddle Christian. (We all do!) 
 Late last night while warming up the bottle - Christian finds his thumb and is sucking on it. It isn't the usual thumb sucking method. Fingies out style. 
 First time going out in the stroller. 
 Mommy is more excited to leave the house than he is. 
 Here we go - two blocks down and one block over to the doctor's office. At the doctor's office he was weighed in at 4011 ounces. His birth weight was 4008. So, he is back on track. He had to be stripped down to be weighed. Jonny passed me a cloth to cover his wee- wee and the nurse had us remove it and Christian projectile peed. The nurse backed into the corner and giggled for at least two minutes. What did she think was going to happen? hahaha! Dr. Montgomery measured Christian and checked his different parts. Then he showed us a graph that he started that charts growth and Christian is right in the middle of the chart - he is normal so far. Nice and healthy. We go back in three weeks. 
 We might as well get some Yopo Chinese take-out on the way home. He isn't even looking around - just sleeping in the stroller. 
 Then we went home and all three of us had a nap. When we woke up - Christian peed through three outfits. He really wants to try all of his new clothes. 
Thank goodness for in suite laundry. I think the washing machine and I are going to become daily friends. 

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