Wednesday, November 21, 2012

St. Paul's Pre-Op Appointment

Christian's room :-) 
We just woke up from a nap. What an exhausting morning. We arrived at St. Paul's just after 8am. I found out as soon as I got there that my appointment had been bumped. Someone had to have an emergency c-section so I got bumped in the schedule. That means I don't know what time my appointment is tomorrow. I still can't eat or drink past 7am but I go to St. Paul's at 11am and they put in an IV and I wait until there is time for me. It could be in the afternoon or it could be in the night! I just have to wait around until there is time for me. So, for those of you who are planning on coming tomorrow, Jonny will give you a call when I go in. It will take about an hour to get me ready - so that gives you plenty of time to come from the hotel or home.

After we found out about that change I answered a bunch of questions, peed in a cup, and was hooked up to the fetal monitor. It was the same bed I was in last time I was there. They took my blood and I answered more questions. I got to press a button every time I felt him move. The nurse that was taking care of me was really good. I forget her name. It starts with an R... nope... can't remember. She has been working there for sixteen years - so she's seen it all. There was also a nursing student from UBC there - I can't remember her name either but she was very nice and took my blood pressure and temperature, which were both normal.

Pre- hair cut. 
They wanted to have a look at the baby so they got me in for an ultra sound at 12:45. By now it was 9:45 so we decided to continue on our mission to get my hair trimmed and grab a sandwich at The Grove. We walked down Robson to Denman and it wasn't raining. It was a perfect day for a nice walk.  We went to our little hair place and they said they could do my hair in twenty minutes. Perfect. We went to The Grove and had a sandwich. I got my hair trimmed and then we got in a cab and got a ride back up the hill to St. Paul's.
Tiger book in the ultra sound waiting area. 
We got the ultra sound done and Christian looks really cute! We got the paperwork and brought it back to the maternity ward where we were told that he is a perfect, healthy boy. Go home and come back if there are any labour signs - which they went through - and if there aren't any - we will see you tomorrow at 11am. We left there happily around 2:30. We got home and climbed into bed and had a nap.
Fat fingies! 
Oh - one thing I forget to write about are my fingers. For the last couple of weeks I have had sore knuckles at night and in the morning. Last night they were so sore I decided it was time to take off my ring. I am glad that I did because they were sore and fat all day today. I don't think I would have gotten that ring off - I wouldn't want to have it cut off. Anywho - no biggie. I have had a good run at this pregnancy so I am not too worried about my sausage fingers.

OH - and I was trying to avoid getting a nursing bra but the nurse said it is the best thing as I am going to get so big the bra top will be too restrictive and uncomfortable. Then she laughed evilly. She is funny.

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