Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eighth Appointment with Dr. Spehar: 36 Weeks, Day 3

I arrived for my 2pm appointment at 1:59. I walked slow because I had to pee. I reached in the basket for the bathroom key and found... Jonny's keys! The receptionist said that she had just noticed them that day and was going to ask the office next door if they were theirs. Lucky they were still there today.
I waited in the waiting area till around 2:30. I wasn't really paying attention to the time. I got called into be weighed and the receptionist told me that St. Paul's had called today and changed my c-section to November 22nd in the afternoon. Ok, that sounds good to me. I am excited to meet this little guy and one day sooner is good for me!

Dr. Spehar asked if there were any problems and I told her about the discharge that was pink sometimes and she decided to have a look down there. She took some swabs and poked around. She said there was a polyp that she would watch but that is nothing to worry about. (I have had one of those before when I was living in England.) She said that my cervix is getting shorter and that is normal. Anywho, she did the rest of the normal stuff and everything is all good. I will see her again on Tuesday.

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