Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ninth Appointment with Dr. Spehar and a visit to St. Paul's Maternity Ward

Well, today's blog won't be boring! Today was an interesting day. First off, Belle got her braces off. YAY! That is super exciting and slimy feeling if I remember correctly. Secondly, I got to have lunch with my cousins and celebrate Pitman's clean bill of cancer freeness. What awesome news!  Now we just need mom and Arlene to join the cancer free crew. 
Belle with no braces! 
 I had a doctor's appointment at 2:45. I was thinking that it would be a quick one because I had a long one last time and I was just here. I thought the blog would be boring. I thought I would write about how I really enjoyed the new Sony EReader App that I was reading my books on on my phone. That was going to be the highlight of my blog. But not so! 

When Dr. Spehar was listening to Christian's heart beat she heard a dip at first and then it levelled out. To be on the safe side, and not to worry, she sent me over to St. Paul's so they could take a longer look at the heart beat. She said it is probably nothing but better to be safe. 

So, me, trying not to worry, walked across the street to St. Paul's. I had a lot of helpful people point me in the right direction to the maternity ward. It is a little tricky to find and you have to get buzzed in by the nurses. I registered and peed and was sent to the lounge. It was scary because it made it all real. I saw a pregnant lady on a gurney being pushed somewhere as she held her belly. UGH!! I wish Jonny was here. SCARY! 

A nice lady, (Christine?), came and got me and asked me if I had to pee. I said I had already gone. She said to make myself comfortable and she would come back and hook me up. I started to do just that when I thought I better pee again. Just in case. I am glad I did. I ran and peed and was back and comfortable before she was back. She strapped a couple of monitors to my belly, adjusted my pillow, and I got to lay there and listen to Christian's heart beat. She said she would be back in ten minutes and gave me the nurse buzzer if I needed anything. (Too real!) 
Heart monitors on my belly. 
My busy belly to my toes. 
I tried to get a different angle. Funny! 
The print out that says the baby is HEALTHY! 
 She came back with a clipboard and asked questions and checked the print out. She said the baby looks just fine. She pointed out contractions on the print out and asked if I felt them. I said nope. I thought that was just the baby moving. She said he was and there is some tightening of the abdomen. I am glad I don't feel that. I am going to keep on not feeling that! She took my temperature and my blood pressure. She said my blood pressure was high. Of course it is!! I am in the hospital! She said she would take it again later after I had relaxed. (Like that is going to happen!!) She was really nice though. I liked her.

She left and another nice lady came in and she asked questions and felt the baby and made him move. She also said everything looked normal and asked about the contractions that I could not feel. She told me that they were just waiting for the doctor to come and check on me. She was just busy in the OR right now. She asked if I needed anything and left me alone to lay and listen to Christian's heart beat.

It was cool to feel and see my belly moving and hear how his heart beat would change as he moved. I wish I could hear his heart beat all the time. It was relaxing - just not enough to calm my blood pressure I guess. I laid and listened and texted Jonny, my parents, and Carrie. Dad sent a picture of the cradle. He is almost done.
Dad's cradle work
 I was hoping Jonny would make it to the hospital after work.... he made it. He made it just in time to hear the heart beat and get the good news from the doctor that our baby is just fine. She said that it is a good heart beat reading and sometimes there can be a dip in the doctor's office because you are laying down flat or because the baby is moving. Our baby is nice and healthy and there is nothing to worry about. She then proceeded to ask about the contractions that I don't feel. Geez!  No worries... I don't feel them. She joked she didn't want to see me back here in a half hour. hahaha... super funny!
Jonny take a picture on his way in and caught a lazor! 
 I was unhooked and ready to PEE and eat!! I was starving and although I was offered a hospital meal I was happy to go to The Banana Leaf with Jonny. We won't be back there. I hate paying Canadian prices for Bali type food. (Malaysian) It just seems wrong - but it tasted great. And that was my exciting adventure to the doctor. I have a feeling it is only going to get more and more exciting from here on in. I can't wait to meet my little guy. Feelings!! 
Lettuce wraps... you wrap! 

Spicy face
Happy, healthy baby.. full! Mohawk head. 

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