Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Second appointment with Dr. Spehar

My appointment was for 3:15. We arrived at 3 and I peed in the cup. Then we sat and waited. Jonny was reading Colour magazine and found out that Cake Skate is a real place in Milwaukee and I was reading my book, Molok'ai. This is a great book about growing up with leprosy back the 1800's in Hawaii. I got to read a lot of my book. I got called in to be weighed at 3:40. Back to the waiting room and Hawaii in my mind. We got called into the exam room at 3:50. Dr. Spehar came in at 3:56. I would say that is a bit of a wait! I guess that is just how this doctor rolls as it was a similar experience to last time.

I asked Dr. Spehar if I could get my second blood test anywhere or if it had to be at The Women's Hospital. She said anywhere and I asked for a list of labs and she gave me one. She changed the date for my second blood test to June 10- July 10.

She changed my due date which was originally based on the first day of my last period from December 4th to November 27th which means I am week 14 now. That is good news for me! That means my morning sickness should be gone sooner. It supposedly ends week 14 and 15.

I asked about continuing to take the Diclectin. I only have a couple days left of it. She said try it and see but if you get pukey again it doesn't hurt to take it. It is safe to take throughout pregnancy.

She took my blood pressure. I can't remember what it was but it was normal. Then I laid back and she took out a machine that amplified the heart beat of the baby. This is the first time we heard the heart beat. She said it was normal.

She asked if we had any more questions. We said no. And that was that. See you in another 4 weeks Dr. Spehar. 4 weeks and... I was going to make a late joke here... but I decided against it. You got to be super nice to the woman who is going to deliver your baby!!

The sun came out while we were inside and we had a nice walk - first to the movies to find out that MIB 3 at 4:40 was sold out (it is Tuesday) - then to the Fairmont to pee! We walked down to our Vietnamese restaurant and got the outside table. We had some yummy food then walked back through the West End and along the C wall home. A great ending to another awesome day!

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