Saturday, May 26, 2012

Old Clothes to Maternity Clothes

Today I did some sewing. I made two pairs of shorts and two t-shirts of old clothes.

The shirts were supposed to be XL so they are kind of tight. I will try this again with an XL shirt. I practiced first on a  plain white t-shirt of Jonny's that had a stain on the neck ribbing. And the second shirt is one of my favourite t-shirts that which I had a gaping neck that was really annoying. Here are the instructions I followed. 

I made two pairs of shorts. The first were a pair of Jonny's old pants and the second were a pair of my old pants. I made the soft top part long but I fold it down now under my shirt. I might want the extra support or coverage as I get bigger. Gross.. I am going to get bigger! These shorts are so comfy! 

Here is how I made the shorts: 
 First I sewed a piece of stretchy black material together to make a tube.
Then I cut the waist band out of my pants. I chose these ones because the velcro waist band on them never stayed shut. I always had to belt them. Good ones to cut up!
 I cut the front lower to accommodate a growing belly.

 I cut the back straight across.
Make sure to cut the zipper out so you don't screw up the serger!!
Pin the pockets.
 Pin the zipper area closed.
 Sew the zipper area closed.
Sew the black stretchy tube into the area where your old waist band used to be. I did it on the sewing machine first just to hold it in place before I serged it.
 Sew up the side of your black material to make a circle.
And then I cut off the legs and serged the bottom. I didn't bother hemming them. I just left it raw looking like cut offs. 

That's it. I packed up my machines and I don't want to see them again until... well.. until I get the sewing urge again or I find a cool XL man's t-shirt. 

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