Thursday, May 3, 2012

The First Ultra Sound at St. Paul's

Our appointment was for 2:15 - show up 15 minutes early with a full bladder. So, we left at 1:40 because I had to pee and I just wanted to get there and hopefully get in and out and get to pee soon. As we exited the building I thought, "Do I need a paper?" I stopped and thought hard and came to the conclusion that I don't have a paper (requisition) for this appointment. I went through all the papers I had in my mind and didn't recall getting one for this appointment. I am pretty organized and all my papers are together. We continue on our way.

We arrive at St. Paul's and follow the red line to the Ultra Sound office. We thought - big schools should have these in them. We also thought - it is a bit much... really? There is a line that sprouts off with a $ in a circle in front of the bank machine. 

We arrive a few minutes early and the clerk asks for my requisition. Now I doubt my earlier thought process and wonder if there really is one. Jonny is sent back in the rain to look for this piece of paper. I wait in the waiting room where there is a kid who is out of control and a father who is hitting him with a newspaper as a game and riling him up even more. Teach your kid loser. I shouldn't think this.. that could be me one day. Change my thoughts. I read the magazine Jonny left with me. The kid is crying now. 

I get a text from Jonny. He sends a picture of all the papers and it isn't there because there never was one. I talk to the clerk to get an idea of what it looked like and I know I didn't get one. I ask her if there is anything else she can do and she says she will call Dr. Montgomery. Why didn't she do that in the first place? Why didn't she do that before Jonny went all the way home? 

My name is called. Jonny isn't here. I am told to put my phone away. Ugh! Jonny is going to miss the first ultra sound and he was more excited than me!! 

The first ultra sound didn't work. Even though I am dying to pee I am not full enough. They have to go in the other way! GROSS! GREAT! But it buys enough time. Jonny knocks at the door before I even get to see the screen. He is allowed in ... just in time. 

The ultra sound lady showed us the screen. She said our dates are good. It looks like ten weeks and I am week nine, day six according to my app. Close enough for all we need to know. Good. We saw the heart beating and little arms, little legs, and a big ass head. This baby is going to be SMART! hahaha!! JK! 

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