Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Appointment with Dr. Marketa Gogela-Spehar

I had my first appointment with Dr. Marketa on Monday, April 30th at 11:30. I don't know what to call her. I realize now that this is her first name. I don't remember how she introduced herself. I guess I will have to ask her next time.

So, I have learned not to pee before I come to these appointments because I am going to have to make a contribution every time I have an appointment. Jonny and I arrived at 11:15 and were in the waiting area until 12:05. We had stopped at Tim's and had a snack to occupy the first fifteen minutes. After that Jonny looked through baby magazines in awe of glow in the dark mobiles, baby bath tubs with shower hoses, and cribs that turn into beds. I read Dance magazine - the one I used to get when I was little. It still looks really Canadian.

Ok - to the important stuff - what we learned from Dr. Marketa.

  • I found out that my morning sickness wasn't over - I just had a few good days. She explained to me how to take the Diclectin: 2 at night, 1 in the morning and 1 in the early afternoon. I should be experiencing these good times till week 12. (2.5 more weeks!) 
  • She predicted the due date as Dec. 4. (Dr. Montgomery Dec.2 - we will find out accurate dates at the ultra sound) 
  • I have to go to the lab and give them a urine sample. 
  • My blood tests were good. 
  • I had to choose a test IPS or FTP - I chose IPS because it is free for mothers over 35 and is 90% accurate. FTP costs $540, is 96% accurate, and will detect things like Down Syndrome (of which there is only a 3% chance) two weeks earlier. So, basically the same thing but more expensive and a little sooner notice. Jonny and I figured if there is not that big a chance of it being a problem it didn't matter if we found a few weeks later. Either way it would be hard and sad. 
  • She gave us some information about having our baby at St. Paul's
  • I have another appointment in a month on May 29th.  (remember NOT to pee before I leave the house)
  • People who have had cone biopsies - as I have had - commonly go into premature labour. Yikes! 
  • I asked about C section and she recommends the normal method but said we could discuss my options when I am further along. 
  • I also asked about Bikram's yoga and she said that the heat is not recommended. There have been no studies done on pregnant women and Bikrams so she said it is best to be safe than sorry. SO.. I will take yoga at Harbour! It will be a nice change and I will look forward to going back to Bikrams afterwards.
  • She said most people stop work around 38 weeks. That is November 15.
  • Breast and pap exam - fun! 
I like my doctor. I am glad she is a woman!! 

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