Friday, January 4, 2013

The Last Appointment with Dr. Spehar and Meeting More Cousins!

Today it has been six weeks since Christian was born. That means I get to go and visit Dr. Spehar and get the ok to go back to all the fun stuff I love to do. AND, hopefully, I can get enough sleep to do some of those things. 
 It was a cold but sunny day here in Vancouver. Christian got bundled up in his stroller and out we went. He was super good at the doctor's office. He made me proud. Dr. Spehar even said how great he was. She also said he had super cute lippies.

I profusely thanked Dr. Spehar for being my doctor and bringing Christian into the world. I think she did an awesome job. She IS pregnant - you could totally tell today. I am going to miss her. What a great overall experience I have had with this whole baby thing so far.

Dr. Spehar talked about birth control, checked my stitches, did a nice pelvic exam, and checked my uterus. All good!

Next, we went to meet favourite cousin Alison at Taco Del Mar where we dined on mondos - her treat! Thanks Ali! Ali was lucky enough to score a smile from Christian. I must say Alison's hair is doing something magical today. She sure looks pretty. Maybe it is that, "I just spent a month in Hawaii," glow?

 Christian and I returned home just in time to get fussy. He is definitely having some gas issues. I have read that that goes on during weeks 6-8 and today is day one of week six. Right on schedule little guy.

Chuck texted that he was in the hood so come on over! It was great to see cousin Charlie too. He has the, "I just got back from LA," look. Unfortunately, he came over during the fussy part and didn't get a lot of good cuddles. However, I did manage to get a few shots where Christian wasn't screaming :-)

 I did get to go to Bikram for the first time today and when I got back Daddy was having a tough time with the boy. I washed my new yoga clothes (thanks Arlene!) so I could wear them in the morning... and Jonny was calming the boy on the dryer.

 This last picture is from bath time the other day. And with that... good night!!

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