Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dr. Montgomery - 2 Months - Immunizations

Today Christian had his first immunizations. Last night Jonny read about other children that have been through this and how they screamed for hours or even days. He found out about Infant Tylenol and the importance of bringing milk to the doctor's appointment. Thanks to Jonny we were well prepared for what we thought was going to be terrible. 

First Christian weighed in at 8.5 pounds!! WHAT? Something seems wrong there. It says 4.9 Kg before that - that is 10 pounds. 8.5 Kg would be 18 pounds. Is he 18 pounds? Hmmm... he is really heavy now. Maybe he is. I don't know. Anywho - he is 61 cm which is 2 ft. tall. Whatever he is - he is growing and healthy. On the charts he still is in the upper median group. Jonny thinks he heard 13 pounds. 
 Christian got his immunizations. One oral, and three shots. Two in one thigh and one in the other. He screamed after the first one through till the last one. Then, I hugged him and he stopped crying. I gave him some milk and he was all good. Dr. M was good at this. He had the shots all ready and the band aids out of their packs on on his hand so he could stick, clean, and apply the band aid in one fell swoop.
 When we got home we gave him a millilitre of Infant Advil. Here is our son after his first immunizations... sleeping!

eye lashes!! 
And now we are going for a walk in our new  baby carrier.  Thank-you to the Surrey Secondary Dance Teachers' Association for the gift card that allowed us to buy this awesome front, back, and hip pack. 
With STARS!! Sorry Jonny.. I had to!! 

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