Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas, Christmas, New Years!

Christian's first Christmas was exhausting. We had been parents for just over a month and if you have even been a parent you know what that means - you are tired and you have realized that nothing may ever go as you had planned ever again. Disillusioned. So much for being a control freak. Fail to plan or plan to fail... I think I read that in a school agenda. I don't plan to fail but all my plans fail! hahaa! Ok - not funny - but I am tired and anything is funny or, agrivating.

Christian's first Christmas dinner was at our place on Christmas Eve. We had Jonny's mom, Arlene, over for the first time and she helped Jon make dinner. Christian and Phil also came over to help us celebrate. Everything turned out great thanks to Grandma Arlene's good cooking skills. (Even though she says it was bad - she was lying ... cause everything tasted awesome!)

We had some family Christmas time on Christmas morning. 

On Christmas day we drove out to Langley for our second Christmas dinner. There was baby holding, turkey eating, and present opening. (And a trip to 711 with Bellerina for sugar... to keep Jonny and I awake!)
Christian's first ensemble is a "Santa's Little Helper" piece later spat up on. 

Laya is getting tall! 

Here we see Christian in his second outfit that was just a little too hot! 

Christian bears an edgy diaper and long sleeve look to cool down. 

 Dad's first attempt at bacon turkey - Sam's Epic Meal Time influence no doubt. 

Too small :-(  
Jonny playing with panorama photos. 

New Years we spent at home doing the usual baby things. We were going to go out for dinner but Christian was being fussy and we didn't think everyone else out celebrating the new year would enjoy dining with our little fuss podge. Instead I ran out and got us Chronic Tacos and we did a baby photo shoot in front of the TV. 
Happy New Year everyone!! 

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