Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wanna Know Christian's Birthday?

Today I had an amazing day at school. I didn't get much work done this afternoon because I had three former students come back to visit me: Stephanie, Christina, and Simonne. It is awesome to see that these girls have grown up and are super awesome mini-adults. Christina also brought in her son who is seven months old. Jayden didn't stop staring and smiling at me. I kept thinking about my little Christian and this is how old he will be in BALI!

Right before Stephanie arrived, Dr. Spehar's office called with a message to call them back because they had the date for the c-section. I listened to the message and got excited and thought how cool it was that they called to tell me this information when I have an appointment booked tomorrow. So, I called them back and she gave me the date.

Christian's birthday, if all goes as planned, is November 23, 2012. Isn't that cool? It is REALLY real now. That makes him a Sagittarius by one day.

Ok... a little add on here. Jonny and I were just in the kitchen cleaning up and there was a knock at the door. Jonny opened the door and there was a little bag outside the door and he looked down the hall to see the nice lady that is ALWAYS cleaning our building skittering away and giggling. She is so cute! I could hear her giggles. It is so cool that she was thinking about us and she must have known that this was a special day. 

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