Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Last Twenty-Third

Yesterday was October 23rd. I got home from school to find Jonny in the kitchen completing dinner. He scooted me into the room and told me to hurry up because dinner was ready. I rushed to put my school things away and as I walked into our room I saw a note and our new favourite, beautiful flaos (flowers) Casablanca Lillies, on the bedside table waiting for me. 
I think this is the first note that I have gotten that is signed from both of us. I am sure there are more of these to come in my future but this is the first and today is the last twenty-third. The countdown has officially started.

The next morning Jonny had this song in his head:
Good morning Jonny!! 

Our appointment for Dr. Spehar was cancelled on Monday. They tried to get me to come in on Thursday but I have a field trip and have to be at school - so our next appointment is November first. Here are some other pictures that were in my phone at the time of this entry: 
gifts from my teacher friends
cleaning up the Orpheum sign
we go out for coffee and tea in the rain. 

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