Sunday, September 9, 2012

28 Weeks, Day 6: Let's Talk about Sick!

I wasn't going to write about being sick. I was going to deal with it and get passed it and pretend it never happened. But then Jonny would get it. Then, I got sick again, and a week later Jonny got that one too. It is hard to pretend something never happened when it is right there.

I have read that I have less immunity and that is why I pick up viruses. The sucky part is I can't really take anything to get better. I have to use natural remedies which just makes everything seem longer and worse. I did go into two different Shoppers Drug Marts and both pharmacists didn't want to touch me with a ten foot pole. No one wants to recommend medicine to a pregnant woman. That is when I thought they should have a brand of medicine's specifically for pregnant women. I am surprised that this doesn't exist already. There is definitely a market for it.

Between the two of us being sick has taken up half of the summer. It would have been much more convenient if we were both sick at the same time but just as I am getting better, Jonny gets it. I am always hoping he has somehow been able to bypass it but then there it is. I guess this will get even worse when we have three! I have seen sicknesses devastate Sam's home. One after the other they all fall down.

On the bright side, this hasn't seemed to effect Christian at all. He is still in there kicking and moving around. I am way bigger than I was but I am not super huge yet. Soon though. It is coming! I am happy that I have been able to run, yoges, and dance all summer. And, now that school is back in - I am dancing all day too. In fact, I danced so much last week (while coughing!) that my right gastrocnemius is all knotted and tight. It makes me limp whenever I sit too long. But, I am happy to be back with my kids.

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