Friday, August 17, 2012

25 Weeks, Day 4: Glucose Testing - GROSS!

Let me tell you something cool before I tell you something gross. I have been able to feel Christian kicking me for a while now - since the last ultra sound but Jonny hasn't been able to feel him from the outside. Yesterday, I was looking down at my belly and I saw it move when I felt it. Last night, Jonny and I were watching TV (we got rid of Shaw now and are trying Novus - hopefully I won't loose any more posts!) and I could tell Christian was going to move again so I took his hand and rested it on my belly and he felt him kicking. He got to feel about four good kicks in a row. Isn't that special?

Ok - so this morning I got up and went down to the Roundhouse lab and had my glucose testing done to check for gestational diabetes. I did not realize that this was going to be so awful. It is not a fun test. I guess they had to one up it cause I was getting used to them taking my blood. So here is how it goes: You can't eat anything for 8 hours but you can have water. So, I went first thing in the morning after Jonny got on the SkyTrain to go to work. I hadn't been to this lab before but I like it. First they take three vials of blood. Then I had to drink a water and glucose drink - a whole bottle in five minutes or faster. I watched the clock and sipped and swallowed. It didn't taste that bad but it was so sweet and there was so much of it. I got it down and she gave me a cup of water and sent me back to the waiting room for one hour.

For the first while I felt like puking. My pussy eyes were tearing up because I felt gross. I got up and blowed my nose and sucked in my wimpy eyes. I sucked them dry of tears and sat back down. I focussed on my breathing and texted mom and Jonny making them aware of how awful it was. hahaha. I am such a baby! I then tried to focus on my book. I watched people come in and leave. An hour did not seem to take too long to pass. I was feeling a little better now but still a little queasy.

The second and third time they took blood they only took one vial. I was happy to leave and sit in the sun across from Urban Fare and call home and tell them about my big girl adventure. Jonny texted that I was a good girl and could eat the ice cream in the fridge but I do not feel like anything sweet. I keep burping up glucose mixture. I think we will be making salad for dinner tonight.

I think I will end with something pleasant as well. Here are some pictures of new clothes that we got for Christian:

This one if for a two year old - but how awesome is this hoodie??!! I want a zombie hoodie! 

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