Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Big Boy Turns Four and More!

I am happy to call this little weirdo my kid! Christian is now four years old. Here is some of the stuff that we did in November and for his birthday.

He ate a lot of mandarin oranges. He learned to wear the skin on his face and wait really still on the couch for dad to take a picture of his weirdness.
We went to the library and played with the toys and kids there. This day, we were one of the first ones there and we had all the trains to ourselves for a minute. 

We made a quick, red, teddy bear. Flat bear.

He fell at the pool and banged his chin. He got four stitches. He was super brave. No biggie for this skater.

Grandma and Papa came out for dinner and we visited the train.
Christian visited city grandma and has his first birthday surprise!! YAY! Paw Patrol train track. Good one grandma.

We made a better bear - more three dimensional.

We visited Langley and had more birthday surprises and fun. Thank-you mom, dad, Rob, Lynn, Austin, and Tyler.

We made chocolate cupcake train pullings.

 Hop scotch in the park.

 Really loud drums!! (I have videos of songs he made - I will add to the bottom)

Thank-you Rossy's family for ABC's and package :-) 

And on our real birthday, when I got home from work, we had a cupcake, and went to Toys R' Us (aka ABC store) to pick out one birthday toy. Christian chose an awesome logging train track.

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