Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy First Birthday Christian!!

Good morning boy! You are one. Open your eyes and eat some Cheeries! 
First present! He loved the paper and the box!

Skateboarding puppets!  
Bye boy! 
This is the cake I made. Dr. Pepper cake.  It was soooo sweet and rich. 

Birthday skate! First of many!! 

Icing! (A little lumpy.. but whatever!) 

At the Dime with City Grandma. The boy was so squirmy. It was a bit rough. 

Thanks for the bath toy boat!! 

Auntie Carrie!! 


Awe!! That is a good one! 
Lot's of pictures of first cake!! 

Laya and Rob shooting some guns!


Sam and Laya shooting some guns!
Jesus came to the party. 
G and the boy have the same shoes. 
Awesome card!! 

The boy's new facial expression. 
I guess it is time to go home. Thanks Lynn!! Great mommying!
Never an empty beer.  

Everyone was watching the boy eat his first bite of cake. 

Playing with new toys. Spoiled boy. 

Bad mommy! 
Here are some more pictures from my mom's camera:

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