Monday, July 29, 2013

Teeth, Crawling, Standing, Finger Foods

The boy is still growing up super fast. He has two bottom teeth and we have started to practice using a tooth brush. I still clean his teeth with a face cloth because the tooth brush mostly gets chewed at this point.

Christian is crawling all over the place. He started with a commando crawl and figured out the full crawl when we were on the island. (The same time he got teeth.) 

You can kind of see his two bottom teeth. Christian is inside the baby gate box. 

Christian also learned to pull himself up and stand everywhere. He stands in his play pen, in his crib, at the edge of the couch, and on people. Unfortunately he also tried standing in the bath, and while holding onto things that move which he is learning can cause bonks. You can't let this guy out of your site!
Standing in his play pen...
and standing on Belle! 
The boy has also started to eat small finger foods. It is fun to watch him try and pick up foods and get them in his mouth. It works best if we place it in his mouth. Then you can watch him try to chew with two little teeth and drool. He makes cute faces with the different flavours. He has tried watermelon, orange, and banana.
Finger foods are fun
Now that the boy is on the move Jonny had to install a baby gate to keep the boy out of trouble. He has baby-safed a whole little area so the boy can cruise around and play. What's next? Walking and talking? Toilet training? Good times! 
Daddy's studio is all gated up! 

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