Thursday, April 11, 2013

Christian Helps Celebrate Dad's 70th

Christian and I sent a good morning text to dad. I told him he had to live to 101 so he could see me when I am 70. 
We finally wore the dress shirt that one of my students got for Christian. 
Not impressed! hahaha! 
Dad got dressed up too. 
Belle and the boy. 
Love the boy's face!! hahaha! 
Dad's turn to hold the boy. 
Almost comfortable
There we go! 
And... Sam's turn to hold and influence the boy... or is that Jonny?  
There is uncle Sam! 
And the real Sam! 
Baby Laya
Me and my handsome man! 
Uncle Butch and Pablo. 
Auntie Helen and the boy looking at something... 
And now they are looking at different things. 
Dinner time - Sam made ribs and yummy potatoes... good stuff! 
Dad's dish
Happy birthday pops! 

Make a wish! 

haha.. this is the next day... Just want to remind you boy that you got presents on grandpa's birthday too... everybody loves you and wants to give you treats. Here are some of your new clothes from Heidi. hahaha! I love his face! 

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