Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Boy's First St. Patrick's Day!

Good morning my little leprechaun!

Pit scooted over and then the four of us went to meet Pinner and her family.
Pit in front of Joe's Apartment
Who is that cutie? 

Pinner with the boy. 

Zoe's first time holding the boy. She is a natural! 

Marcus... not so much! hahaha! 
Jay looks great in this shot! 
Pit taking photos for people... looks like he is still dancing! 
View from inside Taft's - a hidden little restaurant that wasn't busy... I don't know why... perfect location - right in the action. 
Chow time! 
Happy Family! 
Let's keep on strolling! 

Having a St. Patrick's day beer at the 340

Christian giggling at Daddy - the best feeling in the world! 
A packed fun, first St. Patrick's Day! Now - let's go home and go to sleep! 

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