Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christian and Mommy Hit the C Wall

Jonny had to go to work today. It was a beautiful sunny morning. Even though we had had a rough night getting any sleep because Mr. Christian wanted to be fed, changed, or loved every hour, we decided to get our buts outside and get some of that sun while it was here. I decided the nicest walk would be the C wall. I was so excited to get outside, I forgot my headphones. That would have made the walk even better. 

While waiting at the cross walk two older Asian ladies came to look at the baby. They were surprised I was out with him when he is only twelve days old. The one lady said that Chinese babies must stay inside for two months. That would suck eh? I would hate to sit inside for two months!! They complimented me on having a cute little boy. 

When we got to this part of the walk below - where the tide was so far in it was covering the side walk - one of the ladies had caught up with me and we had another chat. I found out she was from Malaysia. She was here helping her daughter who just had twins. She was a proud grandma and her English wasn't too bad. Her husband is still in Malaysia running the business but she is staying in Vancouver until January. She thinks Vancouver is very expensive but beautiful and safe. She says Malaysia is not very peaceful and there are many people that will rob you but it is a lot more affordable. You can afford to have a big house - she said. Anywho - it was interesting to have a chat with her. 

look at the water on the side walk!
Moustache man
We made it to Sunset Beach. 
Time to turn around. 

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